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Welcome to the web pages of the Department of Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Professional Studies (ELCPS).  This department supports four graduate programs (MA TESL, MAT, M. Ed. in ELE, and MS RHC), an add-on initial licensure program in Teaching English as second Language (TESL), as well as a second concentration in English as a Second Language (ESL) for Elementary Education majors. 

The programs in ELCPS are all built on the core concepts of the Teacher Education Unit, North Carolina's Professional Teaching Standards, the professional standards of TESL and CAEP, and the belief in the translation of theory into effective practice.  These concepts, standards and beliefs will require that you to learn to look at your experiences and discipline from multiple perspectives as you shape your professional practice.

The quality of our graduate programs is the responsibility of the faculty in the academic departments. Faculty, therefore, are responsible for who they admit, the curriculum, the quality of student work, the quality of faculty teaching, the quality of faculty scholarship, and the quality of graduates. Policies that provide a framework in which graduate programs are developed and delivered are recommended by the Graduate Council, a representative body of the faculty.

The University is responsible for providing an infrastructure that provides efficient processes related to recruitment, admissions, registration, and financial support of graduate students. A graduate program coordinators/director/department chairs committee informs and helps shape procedures and processes related to an efficient and effective infrastructure. Academic Affairs is responsible for implementation and due process for student and faculty issues.

The synergy of the diverse faculty backgrounds and preparations in ELCPS provide the foundation for a powerful learning community. I invite you to consider joining this community.

Additional program information and course descriptions are available in the current WSSU Graduate Catalog.


Yolanda Edwards
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