Degree Programs

Physical Education - Teacher Education, B.S.


The mission of the (Physical Education Teacher Education) program is to produce skilled, effective teachers who have the ability to obtain licensure in North Carolina by offering a program well-grounded in scientific, foundational, and pedagogical knowledge.

Career Opportunities:

Teaching elementary through high school physical education.

Curriculum Requirements:

The BS degree in Physical Education Teacher Education requires the successful completion of 128 hours of course work, consisting of: 60 hours of general studies; 47 hours of Physical Education Teacher Education core requirements; and 21 hours of a second academic concentration. Please an example of a plan of study for a Physical Education Teacher Education degree.

Admission Requirements:

All candidates who wish to be licensed to teach must formally apply for admission to the teacher education program before their junior year. Students must pass PRAXIS I prior to being admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Student must also complete a second course of study in Health. Students must have updated CPR and First Aid certification during the semester prior to their student teaching. This can be acquired by passing HED 3236 or taking the certification course through the American Red Cross or American Heart Association

How to obtain an advisor:

The Program Coordinator will assign you an advisor in the Physical Education program.

Program Requirements:

Students must earn a minimum of grade "C" in each major and professional course and maintain a 2.5 GPA. In addition to completing the coursework for obtaining a degree in Physical Education Teacher Education, students are also required to complete 9 credit hours of Student Teaching.

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