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What are the criteria used for admission to the Sport Management Program?

Students will be interviewed by the Sport Management faculty to determine their status. Once they have been accepted, they are required to read and sign the Department of Human Performance and Sport Sciences Professional Dispositions contract. Also, they are looking for students who have an outgoing personality, initiative to go beyond the call of duty to get the job done, demonstrated to be well organized, a team player, energetic, motivated, excellent communication and computer skills, insightful, flexible and intelligent just to name a few.

What will happen if a student doesn't follow the rules and regulations as required?

First of all, once a student has been accepted to the program.  No students can make the statement "they don't know the rules and regulation."  If they don't, the coordinator of the program will meet with them and determine what other major they should apply too

What is the Grade Point Average (GPA) for the program?

Students must MAINTAIN a 2.50 or higher

What do you expect of your major's once they have been accepted in the program?

Starting the semester they are accepted, they are required to get hands-on-experiences with department and companies on and off campus.  Such as assisting the athletic department in all sports which will enhance their chance of getting a job.  Plus attending the weekly sport management major's meetings to hear presentations from professionals who are working in the sport industry.

Are students required to attend and participate in the major's club?

Yes.  Once you get accepted to the major, you're required to attend all major meetings every Wednesday at 7:00 am to 7:30 am.  There are guest speakers who come and talk about the type of employees their companies are looking to hire in the sport industry.

Is there a required dress code when attending professional activities, conferences, interviews and workshops?

Yes.  Must dress professionally, no exception.

Can students make "D" in their major course?

No.  You are required to make "C" or higher in all major and upper level courses.  All "D" will be repeated.

Who advise the Sport Management major?

The Sport Management faculty is the only one who can advise the majors.

In what order do students register for courses?

When a student is accepted to the sport management program, they are given a copy of the curriculum which indicates what courses they are required to take starting their freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year?

How many hours do I need to graduate?


What percentage of the total credits for the degree program will be in Sport Management courses?

Sixty credits out of the required 120 are within the sport management including the three concentrations curriculum Marketing and Promotion, Management and Administration and Sport Communication.

Do you have a minor in Sport Management?

No.  Because there is a MBA here at Winston Salem State University.  We encourage graduates to apply for this program or other related areas.

What degree do the graduates of the Sport Management program receive?

Graduates will earn a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Sport Management

When can a student complete their Bachelor of Science Degree?

December, May, end of the first or second summer session or August.

Does the curriculum provide for different career options outside of Sport Management?

Yes.  There are three concentrations along with the core sport management courses which prepare students to compete for entry level position outside of the sports arena.

I want to be a high school coach.  Will this degree help me?

No.  You would need to major in a teaching degree so you are licensed to teach and coach within the school.  It is true there are a few individuals who get coaching jobs due to their personal experiences in the sports industry, but the majority of coaches are also licensed to teach in other areas as well.

Can a student major in Sport Management and coach on the college/university or profession level?

Yes.  There are several graduates who are coaching on the college/university at this time.

Will this degree help me to become a sports agent?

Yes.  However, you must be willing to go to law school.  Plus this degree will help you learn about the sport industry, including policies, legal issues, financial aspects and issues and  trends with this large industry that are found throughout our society.  Most sport agents have law degrees, so students interested in such work may need to plan on pursuing a terminal degree in the future.

Are current athletes able to succeed both the classroom and on the field in this program?

Absolutely.  If you're an athlete, there are only two things you can do, take care of your academic and participate in your sports.  Nevertheless, being organized, attending classes on time, submitting all assignments no later than the due date, communicating with your teachers will enhance your chances of passing the classes and graduating on time.

Is the sport management program accredited?  If so, why is this important?

Yes.  Which mean that the program has met a defined standard of excellence?

Is there a required internship for the degree?

Yes.  The internship is the last course students are required to complete before receiving their degree.




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