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Therapeutic Recreation - Minor Requirements

A minor in recreation is a useful tool for students with a major in any human service field, leisure services business area, or an interest in learning about the role of recreation and leisure in society and lifestyle. A minimum of 18 hours is required for the minor in recreation. To satisfy requirements for the minor, students must complete the courses listed below. Students must be advised by a TR Program faculty member for the minor in recreation.

Required Courses (to be taken in the following order):

  • TRC 2311 Introduction to Community Recreation (offered spring semester only)
  • TRC 3302 Recreation Activities: Analysis and Applications (offered fall semester only)
  • TRC 3318 Leadership and Supervision in Recreation (Prerequisite: TRC 2311)

A minimum of nine (9) additional hours must be taken from the following courses:

  • TRC 2301 Outdoor Recreation: Foundation and Experiences (offered fall semester only)
  • TRC 2312 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
  • TRC 3102 Field Experience in Recreation
  • TRC 3301 Leisure and Aging
  • TRC 3310 Leisure Education (Prerequisites: TRC 2311 and TRC 3323)
  • TRC 3323 Program Planning in Recreation (Offered spring semester only: prerequisite: TRC 2311)
  • TRC 2313 Environmental Issues, Education, and Ethics
  • PED (Various physical activity classes to learn new activity skills)

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