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Dr. Beth Day-Hairston

 Dr. Beth Day-Hairston

Beth Day-Hairston

Associate Professor & Special Education Coordinator

Office: Anderson Center- 242-B
Phone: (336) 750-2387 

Educational History

2000    Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
           Chapel Hill, North Carolina
           Major: Special Education and Literacy
           Concentration area: Behaviorally Emotionally Disabled

           Dissertation Title: "General Educators' Perceptions of their ability to teach children with
           behavioral and emotional disabilities in the inclusive setting"

1992   Certification, School Administration and Supervision
          Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina

1988   Master of Arts Degree -Appalachian State University • Boone, North Carolina
          Major: Special Education/Mental Retardation
          Concentration area: Behaviorally Emotionally Disabled

1984   Bachelor of Science Degree -Winston-Salem State University • Winston-Salem, North Carolina
          Major: Special Education/Learning Disabilities, Certification K-12


Dr. Beth Day-Hairston is an Associate Professor of Special Education and the Coordinator of Special Education at Winston-Salem State University where she serves as the Principal Investigator for the PIC, a grant funded by the Division of Child Development and Early Education project director for a grant funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates/Thurgood Marshall Foundation, whereby Winston-Salem State University has partnered with a local school that prepares every student to pursue postsecondary education plans.

Dr. Day-Hairston is a teacher educator who has presented extensively at numerous conferences at the local, state, and national level on differentiated instruction, service-learning, co-teaching, inclusion, problem-based learning, experiential teaching, best practices for working with culturally and linguistically diverse families, best practices for teaching at-risk students, and teaching strategies for working with children with behavioral and emotional disorders. Day-Hairston is heavily sought out as a conference speaker and consultant who provides engaging professional development workshops.

Day-Hairston is the recipient the 2010 Wachovia Excellence in Teaching Award for Winston-Salem State University, and recipient of the 2000 Alumni Achiever of the Year Award for the School of Education and Performance at Winston-Salem State University.

Courses Taught

  • SPE 2310: Introduction to Special Education
  • SPE 3200: Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom 
  • SPE 3320: Problems and Characteristics of the Learning Disabled Child
  • EDU/SPE 3322: Parent, School, and Community Relations
  • SPE 3336: Methods and Materials of Teaching Reading
  • SPE 4323: Methods of Teaching in the Inclusive Setting
  • SPE 5304: Building Collaborative Family, School, and Community Relationships
  • REH 5313: Transition from School to Work
  • REH 6314: Family Collaboration/Intervention

Selected Publications

  • Bell, E. D. & Day-Hairston, B. (2008, Fall). Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy: A case study of the first year of implementation. Southeastern Teacher Education Journal, (1)1, 109-114
  • Day-Vines, N., & Day-Hairston, B. (2005) Culturally Congruent Strategies for Addressing the Behavioral Needs of Urban African American Adolescents. Professional School Counseling in Urban Settings, 8(3), 236-243.
  • Day-Vines, N. & Day-Hairston, B. (2005). African American Adolescents and the Incidence of Suicide: Strategies for Prevention and Intervention in Urban School Settings. Professional School Counseling.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2003, November). Creating an Inclusive Workplace. CCBD Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders Newsletter, 17(2), 7-8.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2003, March). Promoting Multicultural Education. CCBD Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders Newsletter, 16(4).
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2002, November). The Four Dimensions of Multicultural Education. CCBD Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders Newsletter, 16(2), 6.
  • Day-Vines, N., Day-Hairston, B., Carruthers, W., Wall, J. & Lupton-Smith, H. (1996). Conflict Resolution: The value of diversity in the recruitment, selection, and training of peer mediators. School Counselor, 43, 392-409.


  • 2010  Wachovia Excellence in Teaching
  • 2006  Meritorious Service Award, Exceptional Children's Division of the
            Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System
  • 2006  Unsung Hero Award, Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy, Winston-Salem/ Forsyth
             County School System
  • 2003  Nontraditional Adult Student Organization, Winston-Salem State University
  • 2001  Post Doctoral Fellowship, North Carolina A & T State University/University of Virginia
  • 2000  Alumni Achiever of the Year Award, Winston-Salem State University
  • 1990  Teacher of the Year Award, Lowrance Middle School, WS/FC Schools


  • Day-Hairston, B. & Jones, J. (2011, February). Inclusion is Not an Illusion: Successful Strategies for Co-Teaching in an Inclusive Setting. North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children 2011 State Conference, Winston-Salem, NC.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2010, June). Active Learning with Problem Based Learning. Invited presenter by CITTLE for Faculty Professional Development.  Winston-Salem State University.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2010, February). Using Service Learning in College Classrooms. Invited presenter by CITTLE for Faculty Professional Development. Winston-Salem State University.
  • Day-Hairston, B. & Wall, P.( 2009, October). Differentiated Instruction that Works: Multiple Learning Styles = Differentiated Lesson Plans. Thurgood Marshall College Fund 2009 Leadership Institute and Recruitment Conference, New York.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2009, August). Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom: Working Together to Meet All Students' Needs. Mineral Springs Middle School Retreat, Downtown Marriott, Greensboro, NC.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2009, June). Teacher Quality and Retention Program 2009 Summer Institute. Preparing "the Best of the Best" Teacher Leaders. Invited four day presenter at Thurgood Marshall's College Fund Summer Institute, Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC. Topics: Differentiated Instruction, Classroom Management, Lesson plans, and Standards-Based Instruction.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2009, April). Designing Effective Lesson Plans. Professional Development Workshop sponsored by the TEAP Center, Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem, NC.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2008, August). Differentiating Instruction for Successful Learning by all students. Stokes County Schools Teacher Assistants. Sundance Hotel & Spa (Conference Center), Winston-Salem, NC.  
  • Allen, M., Day-Hairston, B., Wade, M. (2008, April). Career Portfolios: A Senior Project Format for Students with Disabilities. Paper presented at the 2008 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Convention and Expo. The Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (September, 2007).  Teaching Reading and Math in Inclusive Settings: Best Practices for Co-teaching in the Middle School. Staff Development: Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools: Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy.
  • Day-Hairston, B. & Walker, D. (2007, January). Creating College Experiences for High School Students Through a Unique School and University Partnership. Paper presented at the Seventh Annual North Carolina High school Network Conference, Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center, Research Triangle Park, NC.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2006, October). A Career in Education: The right choice. Invited guest speaker at Thurgood Marshall's Scholarship Fund 6th Annual Leadership Institute & Recruitment Conference, Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in New York, NY.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2005, November). The Road to Becoming an Educator. Invited guest speaker at Thurgood Marshall's Scholarship Fund 5th Annual Leadership Institute & Recruitment Conference, Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers in New York, NY.
  • Day-Hairston, B., & Duncan, J. (2005, April).  Using Service Learning to Increase Parental Involvement in the Schools. Paper presented at the 2005 Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Convention & Expo. The Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD.
  • Walker, D. & Day-Hairston, B.  (2005, April). Utilizing Personalized Instruction to Increase Student Academic Achievement. Paper presented at The Raising Achievement and Closing Gaps Conference IX, Joseph S. Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC.
  • Day-Hairston, B. Bernarducci, K., Duncan, J., & Thompson, M. (2005, April).  Increasing Student Achievement through Service-learning projects: Collaborative Strategies that work between a Local University and Classroom Teachers. Paper presented at The Raising Achievement and Closing Gaps Conference IX, Joseph S. Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC.
  • Day-Hairston, B., Thompson, M., Duncan, J., and Bernarducci, K. (2004).  Promoting Parental Involvement to Help Increase Student Achievement through Service Learning:  Strategies that Work When a Local University Collaborates with Classroom Teachers. Paper presented at the Closing the Achievement Gap:  Improving Minority and At-Risk Student Achievement Conference at the Joseph S. Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC.
  • Day-Hairston, B., & Allen, M. (2004, April). Validated Instructional Practices for Teaching Reading to Struggling Readers. Paper presented at The Council for Exceptional Children:  2002 Annual Convention and Expo Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Day-Hairston, B. (2004, January). Developing a Class wide Service Learning Project in the University Setting. Hawaii International Conference on Education in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Research and Grants

  • Day-Hairston, Beth, Principal Investigator, Cultural Competence Support Project- Division of Child Development and Early Education awarded from the U.S. Department of Education. Budget- : $960,000 for four years.
  • Edwards, YV & Day-Hairston, B. Principal Investigator/co-Directors. Capacity Building Grant VR Rural Transition for Underrepresented Groups. Awarded 10/1/2010 from U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Rehabilitation Services. Budget: $ 952,680 over five year (2010-2014). $190,000 per year for five years. (Winston Salem State University).
  • Wrote and submitted a grant to Jefferson-Pilot for Project MALE. Grant funded January 2003 for $10,000.
  • Submitted a grant to the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) entitled, "An Inclusive Model:  Teacher Preparation in a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Society in the amount of $426, 695 with four colleagues in the School of Education.
  • Grant funded September 2002.
  • Submitted a grant to Wal-Mart. Grant funded for Service Learning Projects in the amount of $500.00.
  • Project Coordinator, North Carolina Distance Education Partnership for Certification Programs in Behaviorally Emotionally Disabled and Learning Disabled students (2000-2003). Grant funded for $9,000 annually for a total of $27, 000.
  • Project Coordinator, A Community-Based Model for Teacher Training in a Pluralistic Society" funded by the Hitachi Foundation for $103,050 (1995-1998).
  • Project Coordinator, The Coalition for Educational Leadership and Learning (CELL) funded by the BellSouth Foundation for $100,000 (1995-1998).

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