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Staff Profile - Jamilla T. Shepperson


Jamilla T. Shepperson

Social-Clinical Research Associate

Office: Anderson Center Modular 
          Unit Room 243-E
Phone: 336-750-2696
Fax:    336-750-2699

Educational History

M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling, Winston-Salem State University, 2008
B.A. Psychology, Winston-Salem State University, 1995


Jamilla Shepperson is currently the Social/Clinical Research Associate of the Winston-Salem State University Maya Angelou Institute for the Improvement of Child and Family Education. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Masters of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Winston-Salem State University. She has extensive experience in project management as well as advanced expertise in research and analysis. Her professional affiliations include the National Rehabilitation Association, the Institute for Dismantling Racism and the Institute for Operations Research & the Management Sciences, Healthy Families; Healthier Communities Advisory Board, and the Parent Advisory Council for IMPRINTS. Her research interests include family literacy, health disparities/health equity within communities of color particularly HIV education/prevention among African-American college students.

Selected Publications

Master Thesis

Shepperson, J.T. (2008). Assessing the Knowledge of HIV/AIDS among College Students at A Historical Black College and University. Master Thesis, Winston-Salem State University.

Refereed Journals

  • Powell, F.D., Bell, E.D., Shepperson, J.T., & Coaxum, T. (2008). Family breast cancer education: A model for African American women. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 2(2), 17-38.
  • Brown, C. W., Shepperson, J., Gopalan, H., & El-Amin, S. (2012) HIV: Facts, fiction, and the impact on behavior of students at an Historically Black College/University. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education.


  • Shepperson, J.T. (2007). Assessing the Knowledge of HIV/AIDS among College Students at a Historically Black College and University. In Association of Southeastern Chapter of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (SE INFORMS): Proceedings of 2007 Southeastern INFORMS Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC (pp. 869-875).
  • Himanshu, G., Brown, C.W., Shepperson, J.T. & El-Amin, S. (2009). Knowledge About HIV/AIDS And Resulting Student Behavior Among Students At An Historically Black College/University. In association of The Clute Institute for Academic Research: Proceedings of The College Teaching & Learning (TLC) Conference and International Applied Business Research (IABR) Conference ,San Antonio Hilton, Palacio del Rio March 16-19, 2009.


Benson D., Watts V., Bell R., Shepperson, J., Taylor-Jones, A., Carmichael, M., Ademoyero, A., Williams, C., Scandrett, A., & Runnels, A. The Faith Community Health Commission: A Partnership to Reduce Cancer Risk among African Americans in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Presented at the Community Campus partnership for health International Conference, October 10, 2004, Atlanta, GA.

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