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Mission, Vision, and Core Beliefs


The School of Education and Human Performance at Winston-Salem State University provides quality education in the preparation of teacher candidates and human performance professionals to be leaders who participate effectively in the state, the nation, and the global community.

Faculty, staff, and students model core values of equity, creativity, inquiry, academic advancement, learning communities, and lifelong learning.


The School of Education and Human Performance will distinguish itself as a leader in the preparation of school personnel and human performance professionals.

Core Beliefs

Social justice as a major pathway toward the values of democracy and equity as essential to the
  continuation of the institution’s legacy.

Creativity of students, faculty, and support staff who, in all actions they perform, seek to advance
  the School’s mission and vision in innovative ways.

Inquiry, critical thinking, and reason as essential components of quality education.

Academic advancement for all students regardless of academic background and human

A learning community of active participation and mutually beneficial interaction among faculty,
  students, and the wider community of learners.

Lifelong learning as a purposeful activity that advances global citizenship and an equitable society

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