strategic plan 2016 - 2021

Message from the Chancellor

For more than 120 years, Winston-Salem State University has provided a high-quality education for exceptionally promising students who may have otherwise been denied that opportunity. Historically black colleges and universities like ours play a significant role in improving the social and economic mobility of individuals from under-resourced families. This is a legacy for which we should all be proud.

But we cannot rest on our laurels. We must continue to evolve and transform to address the rapidly changing world in which we live. We must embrace a new model for higher education that ensures that every student is prepared for a career and a job that may not yet exist. We must think differently about how all of us – academic leaders, faculty and staff – do our jobs.

This strategic plan is designed to set a new trajectory for WSSU that is built upon the foundation of our long history and one that is rooted in equity. In this plan, WSSU will work to ensure that our students are allocated the resources they need to bridge the gaps between them and their ability to engage their education.

This plan reflects our commitment to producing graduates who are critical thinkers, analytical problems solvers, effective communicators, and innovative and creative collaborators and who will eventually become the leaders of the future.

As we implement this plan over the next five years, we will build upon our legacy to ensure a bright future for WSSU and its students. There will be tremendous effort needed to fulfill our goals; however, the outcomes will be worth it. Our work is truly transforming lives not only for our students but for generations to come. In this plan, we are designing the future of learning.

Elwood L. Robinson, Ph.D.

Chancellor Elwood Robinson