General Information

Our Program Goals

  • To retain students with a grade point average GPA of 3.0 or higher through graduation
  • To engage the students in discussions, workshops, seminars and study groups that promote academic excellence
  • To develop and enhance essential characteristics needed to be conscientious, pragmatic and honorable young men
  • To create a welcoming environment that encourages high achievement
  • Prepare students to become student leaders in various organizations
  • To create leaders who are visionary and focused on broader more global issues and opportunities

Program Details

 • Common living area in a residence hall
 • Bi-weekly engagement & enrichment sessions
 • Faculty, staff and student mentors
 • Undergraduate research opportunities
 • Variety of developmental campus resources
 • Student-Exchange program with Appalachian State University
 • Leadership development training and facilitation

Chancellor Robinson

Program Criteria

 • Must be a multicultural male
 • Must be enrolled full-time (12 credit hour minimum load)
 • Must attend eight (8) hours of study hall per week
 • Must agree to strive for academic excellence
 • Must live in space designated for the program
 • Must participate in associate programs, events and meetings
 • Must agree to release all academic info to Renaissance Program personnel
 • Must agree to uphold standards of the Renaissance program
 • Must be actively involved in at least one or more clubs/organizations that is university funded

Male Mentoring Program

 Program Steering Committee

  • Dr. Trae T. Cotton (ex-officio)
  • Mr. A. Jamar Banks
  • Mr. Daymond C. Lindell
  • Mr. Theo Chunn
  • Dr. Brian Blount
  • Dr. Eric Greaux
  • Dr. Breonte Guy
  • Dr. James Pope
  • Dr. Vincent Snipes
  • Dr. Frank Ingram
  • Dr. Jack Monell
  • Mrs. Adrienne Freeman
  • Mr. Philip Osborne
  • Dr. Joti Sekon
  • Mrs. LaMonica Sloan
  • Dr. Kathy Stitts
  • Dr. Derrick Virgil
  • Mr. Anthony Dixon
  • Ms. Bonny Okafor
  • Mr. James Armstrong, Jr.
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Interim Assoc. Vice Chancellor/Dean of Students
  • Coordinator, Renaissance 3M Program
  • Academic Success Counselor
  • Chair/Professor - Mass Communications
  • Asst. Professor - Religion
  • Asst. Professor - Psychological Sciences
  • Asst. Professor - Liberal Studies
  • Professor - Mathematics
  • Chair/ Assoc. Professor - Mathematics
  • Professor - Social Justice Studies
  • Assoc. Dir. of Admissions
  • Freshman Recruitment
  • Director - International Programs
  • Assoc. VC/Dir. Career Development Svcs.
  • Associate Provost, University College
  • Director, Academic Services
  • Freshman Students Supervisor
  • Transfer Students Supervisor
  • Assoc. Director of Bands/Instructor of Bands