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Team-Taught Course Evaluations

All instructors in team-taught courses will be evaluated using Qualtrics. Due to logistical and data integrity issues, team-taught evaluations need to be confirmed by department chairs and/or instructors before the administration period begins. These dates vary for each administration period and can be found in the second table on the Course Evaluation Dates page.

Department chairs and/or faculty participating in team taught courses will be contacted by Ginny Moench prior to the administration period to confirm the information that we pull from Banner is correct. In cases where one instructor teaches until one end date and a different instructor teaches until another, we ask that you please indicate those dates (as they are not available in Banner) so that the instructors can be evaluated during the administration phase closest to their teaching period.

Common Team-Taught Course Evaluation Questions

How will students evaluate both me and my colleagues online?

Students will be asked to complete the same questions for each “Instructor” separately.  At the beginning of each section, a student is asked "Did you take this course with this instructor?"  If the student answers "Yes", he/she is directed to a set of instructor-specific questions.  If the student answers "No", he/she skips to the next instructor on the list or the end of the survey.

Will I be able to see my colleagues’ results when I view my evaluation dashboard?

No. Each instructor will be able to see the results to their own instructor section, and they will not be able to see their colleagues’ instructor sections.

Please note that students have a comment box at the end of each section that asks them to reflect on that particular instructor. If students make comments about you and/or your colleagues in the incorrect comment box, other instructors may be able to read those comments.