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Sponsored programs?

Sponsored programs include research, public service, instruction, and other scholarly activities. Sponsored programs are funded by external organizations via grants, contracts or cooperative agreements. The OSP is responsible for administrating all sponsored programs at Winston-Salem State University. For assistance in determining whether an opportunity or activity is a “sponsored program,” see Defining Sponsored Programs.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is to provide leadership, information, and technical assistance to faculty and staff in obtaining external funds to engage in scholarly activities (research, public service, instruction, etc.) The goals of the OSP include the following:

  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of research and sponsored program activities;
  • Increase sponsored programs productivity for the entire university; and
  • Provide comprehensive support services for sponsored program development and administration.



The Office of Sponsored Programs at Winston-Salem State University announces the launch of Cayuse Research Suite, a cloud-based research administration solution that bridges the gap between manual processes and a state of the art system for internal proposal routing and approval, proposal tracking, and award management.

Cayuse replaces RAMSeS and provides a more effective, efficient, and user-friendly experience. In significantly modernizing our electronic infrastructure and enhance reporting functionality for both researchers and administration.


  • reduces administrative burden associated with proposal submission and award management,
  • streamlines the campus workflow processes,
  • improves the electronic research administration infrastructure, and
  • provides enhanced reporting functionality.

The Cayuse cloud platform and comprehensive set of connected apps span the entire research lifecycle and simplify the complex elements of risk management for human subjects, animal welfare protocols, hazardous materials, and potential conflicts of interest.

Logging In

Cayuse Research Systems is hosted on one platform that you can access using your single sign-on login credentials.

Research Administration Management System & eSubmission

IPF Help Page  | Frequently Asked Questions 

Research Administration Management System & eSubmission. RAMSeS at WSSU offers electronic proposal and signatory routing; a web based portal allowing campus users to access research data, and the ability to generate reports. Electronic routing will:

  • eliminate the need for proposals to be “walked” around campus;
  • allow users and approvers to utilize a status checker function to view approval routes and status of submissions;
  • allow approvers to add comments as they approve/reject a submission; and
  • enable users to upload attachments such as budgets to be reviewed by approvers.

RAMSeS delivers cutting-edge technology to the research community, enabling faculty research administrators to manage research more efficiently and effectively than ever before. RAMSeS can be accessed from any location using your WSSU User ID and Password. RAMSeS is also a robust database which includes over three decades of data proposal and award data. Formatted and/or ad/hoc reports will be available from your computer.

RAMSeS is the official electronic file for every proposal and award within the UNC system. Therefore, paper documents that typically were placed in files should be uploaded into RAMSeS in the proper section. Having everything in RAMSeS allows anyone to access proposal and or award documents from anywhere at any time as needed.



Pre-award services are invaluable services offered to WSSU faculty and staff interested in pursuing financial resources from extramural funding agencies. Pre-award staff members also help identify and determine eligibility for grants and other awards in addition to assisting PIs with proposal and budget development.


Post-award administration contains guidelines, policies and procedures, and forms needed to administer an award from inception and throughout the life of the project. This section also contains the internal closeout process with forms needed to formally closeout a project within 90-days after its end date

Research Compliance

A primary goal of the Office of Sponsored Programs is to educate the Winston-Salem State University's research community about regulatory requirements and ethical standards governing research. Principal investigators are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations and policies.