Whether you are a new or continuing student you need to make sure you know how you will pay for your education each academic year. Financial Aid may be an important part of paying for your education so it's important that you familiarize yourself with the Financial Aid process.


Types of Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is primarily need-based and is awarded according to standards and guidelines set by the federal government and the availability of funds. Federal financial aid can be classified as three types of aid – grants, loans and work-study.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) provides part-time jobs for undergraduate students with financial need. The income earned is intended to help pay education expenses.


Grants are a type of aid that does not require repayment.


Loans are a type of aid that does require repayment and is either subsidized or unsubsidized.

In addition to the aid described above, aid may be available for students studying abroad or students enrolled at WSSU but taking classes at another institution, transient student.

Aid for Special Groups