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Dual Admissions Program

Winston-Salem State University and Forsyth Technical Community College have united to offer a dual admission program.  The program is a great choice for students currently enrolled at Forsyth Tech who are interested in transferring to WSSU after completing their associate’s degree.  Dual admission is also available to high school seniors who applied to WSSU but were denied admission.

Benefits of the Dual Admission Program

Guaranteed Admission to WSSU—Students get guaranteed admission to WSSU upon successful completion of A.A. or A.S. degree from Forsyth Tech.

Affordability—Students can take up to nine (9) credit hours at WSSU while paying Forsyth Tech tuition. 

Try Out a Four-Year College—Students get a taste of the four-year college experience to see if it appeals to them.

Coordinated Academic Advising—Students who are completing their associate's degree will receive personalized academic advising from both Forsyth Tech and WSSU advisors. 

Seamless Transfer to WSSU—Working with academic advisors at Forsyth Tech and WSSU ensures that students complete the appropriate coursework so all of their community college credits will apply toward their bachelor's degree.

Participate in Student Life at WSSU—Dual admission students can join organizations such as the Red Sea of Sound Marching Band, the WSSU Choir and ROTC. Students can also attend selected events and Homecoming festivities.


  • High school seniors who have applied to WSSU and were denied
  • Students who plan to earn an associate's degree from Forsyth Tech
  • Students enrolled at Forsyth Tech who are interested in transferring to WSSU

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