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WSSU faculty and students engage in life changing research for our communities by exploring ways to improve daily life, health, and economic opportunities for diverse populations.  Our primary research areas of impact include: Health Science, Humanities, Social Science and STEM.

Types of Research

Health Science Research

Enhancing the specialized skills of our future healthcare workforce while addressing health problems in general and underserved populations.

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Humanities Research

Preparing students with essential and critical skills for the 21st century while reaching beyond traditional ways of researching by merging subject, culture, and technologies.

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Social Science Research

Improving psychological, physical, and emotional outcomes of people through focused research on attitudes, motivations, and justification of actions within society.

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STEM Research

Building a more diverse workforce, WSSU's rigorous and beneficial scientific research contributes important knowledge to STEM fields.

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Researchers engaged with our centers and institutes have opportunities to solve community based problems and really make a difference. Together, we are addressing the economic and social challenges that impact our region, North Carolina and beyond. 

We're preparing students to become the next generation of scientists, social scientists, and health practitioners. There are opportunities for all students, faculty and community to be involved in research at WSSU.






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Faculty & Staff

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