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Assessment Plans

WSSU strives for continual improvement in student learning, student support services and overall processes. Assessment helps us measure our progress towards our goals and make improvements based on our results:

Assessment plan flow chart of how to Plan, Assess, Use Results

To help WSSU engage in a culture of assessment, all academic and administrative units at Winston-Salem State University are required to develop assessment plans, which state the unit's outcomes and how they intend to measure those outcomes (assessment method). Assessment plans should be developed with the unit and university's mission and strategic goals in mind. Since 2007, assessment plans have been reported through TracDat, the university's assessment management system.

Types of TracDat Assessment Plans

Major-Level Assessment Plans

Student learning outcomes for academic majors are reported through major-level assessment plans.

Department-Level Assessment Plans

Process-oriented outcomes for academic departments are reported through department-level assessment plans.

Administrative-Level Assessment Plans

Efficiency, effectiveness, customer service, and other relevant outcomes for administrative units are reported through administrative-level assessment plans.

Glossary of Terms