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Use of Student Learning Evidence


Data from a variety of assessment methods are used by units to inform decisions and make improvements.

All units are expected to report results, actions, and follow-ups for their relevant outcomes within the university's assessment management system, Nuventive Improve (TracDat). For majors and various administrative units, evidence of student learning, and how those data have been used to drive changes and make improvement, will be available in the actions and follow-up portion of the Nuventive Improve reports.

In an effort to ensure that data are being reported and used to make improvements, Winston-Salem State adopted an annual assessment audit in 2008. The audit is intended to be a helpful exercise that keeps individuals involved in the assessment process and shows our accrediting bodies such as SACSCOC, that appropriate checks-and-balances are in place regarding the university's assessment activities.

As our SACSCOC reaffirmation and 5th year reviews approach, units are asked to highlight one example of where data have been used to improve student learning from their assessment report. Units then submit a completed template and supporting evidence for their selected example to Institutional Assessment & Research. 

Rams Assess to Progress Video Series

Institutional Assessment & Research partners with the C.G. O'Kelly Library's Media Productions Lab to create videos of how units have used data to improve student learning and the student experience.  We call this video series "Rams Assess to Progress".  Rams Assess to Progress aims to provide clear, understandable assessment examples for students, faculty, staff, alumni and other stakeholders.  Here are a few highlights of assessment at work on our campus.  Keep checking back for updates and additional examples!


Academic Examples

Rams Assess to Progress:  
WSSU Biological Sciences Department
Rams Assess to Progress:  
WSSU Music Department
Rams Assess to Progress:  
WSSU Physical Therapy Department
Rams Assess to Progress:  
WSSU Nursing Department

Administrative Examples

Rams Assess to Progress:  
Enrollment Management Customer Service
Rams Assess to Progress:  
C.G. O'Kelly Library