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Brand Messaging

Our brand communications work to help our stakeholders understand the value and impact of our university by sharing the university’s story in a rich, compelling, and consistent way. Winston-Salem State University is unlike any other university in the nation – it is critical that we communicate what sets us apart.

Positioning Statement

Winston-Salem State University is a bold and energetic institution that fosters the creative thinking, analytical problem-solving, and depth of character needed to transform yourself and your world. Rooted in a liberal education, WSSU’s curriculum prepares students to be thought leaders who have the skills and knowledge needed to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

This position statement serves as a guide for our messaging; all of our communications should convey the essence of this statement.

Messaging Pillars

There are three key messaging pillars that convey what makes WSSU distinctive. The brand messaging pillars provide a guide for your content; when creating copy or visuals, bring at least one of these pillars to life.

  • More than a place: Winston-Salem State University is more than a place. It’s a community where people from diverse backgrounds are welcomed and embraced. They will forge friendships that will last a lifetime and create bonds with faculty that go beyond the classroom. As a Ram, students are part of 120-plus years of history – a history that is both transformative and revolutionary. That shared experience unites alumni from across the decades and creates a connection that goes beyond affinity. It is a connection that says, “Once you’re a Ram, you’re a Ram for life.”
  • More than a motto: At Winston-Salem State University, when we say, “Enter to Learn. Depart to Serve.” it is more than just a motto; it is our motivating force. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are passionate about making a difference. They challenge injustice and work to address complex issues, such as health equity, urban education, and community empowerment. They strive to exceed expectations and make positive change in the world. Their work improves the lives of people in North Carolina and around the world.
  • More than you dreamed: There is no ceiling for what a student can do at Winston-Salem State University. This is a place where dreams become reality and potential is unlocked. We are committed to providing our students an educational experience that honors what each student brings to the university, cultivates confidence, and builds leadership skills. Our dedicated faculty and staff prepare students to do more than earn a living. We develop critical thinking skills and allow students to tap into their full potential. We instill in our students the ability to create, innovate, question, and persevere. We give them the tools they need to carve out an interesting and exciting future.