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Brand Promise

A brand promise is a simple statement that states the university’s commitment to its various stakeholders and constituents. It boldly declares, “This is what we will deliver to you.” It is not a statement that is used verbatim; rather, it is a foundational concept on which our brand messaging is based. These are our brand promises to our students, our faculty and staff, and our community.

To Our Students

Winston-Salem State University offers a quality education provided by student-centered faculty in a caring and supportive atmosphere. Our students will have a life-changing college experience that builds essential skills, develops character, and prepares them for a lifetime of success.

To Our Faculty and Staff

Winston-Salem State University offers opportunities that allow our faculty and staff to grow professionally, develop personally, and make a difference in the lives of those they touch through their work.

To Our Alumni

Winston-Salem State University is a source of pride for our alumni. Our alumni have used what they learned at WSSU to create meaningful lives for themselves and their families, inspiring spirited advocacy and support for the institution.

To the Community

Winston-Salem State University is more than an excellent neighbor – it is a dynamic partner that works to help make the city, state, region, and world a better place. Through collaborations, partnerships, and service, the university plays a vital role in the economic and cultural vibrancy of North Carolina.