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WSSU Social Media Guidelines

These guidelines continue to evolve as social media evolves and should be considered a work in progress. If you have comments, questions or other feedback, please contact the Digital Communications Strategy Manager.

Social media tools can bring tremendous value to the work of the university. Individuals, departments, units, and programs use such tools as social networking sites (Facebook/LinkedIn/Snapchat/Instagram), media sharing sites (YouTube/Flickr/iTunes/Pinterest), and blogs/microblogs (WordPress/Twitter/Tumbler) to accomplish their strategic goals. The list continues to grow as new tools become available. These technologies offer effective ways to engage with constituents worldwide and provide a powerful vehicle to leverage those relationships.

Winston-Salem State University supports social media efforts and coordinates them through the Office of Integrated Marketing Communications. Individuals who manage social media channels on behalf of the university and employees who participate in social media channels must adhere to state and institutional policies and follow the standards and best practices presented here. Please become familiar with these guidelines. The goal is to help you use social media tools effectively, protect your personal and professional reputation, and enhance the image and efforts of the university.

Winston-Salem State University uses a coordinated strategy to manage its social media presence. The Office of Integrated Marketing Communications manages the university’s primary social media channels and provides guidance and support to units that identify a need for more segmented channels. Units are responsible for developing and maintaining their own sites, working closely with the Digital Communications Strategy Manager in the Office of Integrated Marketing Communications.