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What is The East End Master Plan?

The East End Master Plan is a real estate development plan that shows where new housing, and businesses can be added that will meet the needs of the area, create jobs, and increase economic opportunities.

Several stakeholder meetings have been held to make sure that the plan focuses on input provided by people who live, work or attend church in the neighborhood.

Planning Process

people planning togetherThe East End master planning process began February 10, 2016, when the City of Winston-Salem and Ayers Saint Gross facilitated a small visioning workshop with select East End community stakeholders. The workshop was sponsored by Wake Forest Innovation Quarter (WFIQ) in order to catalyze future planning efforts for the area and start to set a high-level vision for the East End. Stakeholders included approximately 20 community members, business owners, and city officials. The Vision Plan produced during the meeting combined feedback expressed during the session into a very conceptual plan illustration and summarized a series of broad recommendations.

Through this initial visioning effort, it became clear that the neighborhood would greatly benefit from a more robust and comprehensive planning study. The city, led by Councilman Montgomery, partnered with the S.G. Atkins Community Development Corporation and the City-County Planning Department to sponsor and facilitate the next round of planning work.

Have Your Say

As we continue to plan, shape, and build our community, we need your input.

We've developed a new strategy to encourage the East End Community to play a bigger and more active role in shaping your neighborhoods. This site gives you the opportunity to provide your thoughts, feelings, and ideas on a range of projects and activities regarding the East End Master Plan. To participate, click on an open the below link.

Your actions will determine what happens!

East End Master Plan Steering Committee

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