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Simon’s Green Acre (SGA) Community Gardens are MORE than just gardens!  Some of our many amazing resources include:

  • Over 75 raised beds for rent - sizes range from 2’ x 8’ to 4’ x 12’, and include both traditional ground-level raised beds (both wooden and recycled plastic options) and raised (32” - 38”) table beds)
  • Multipurpose education space - gardeners and community members at large can reserve this space for meetings, lessons, celebrations, etc.
  • Universal access produce area, herb garden, and shade/rest area (Coming Soon!) - if you have difficulty using traditional beds, we've got you covered; the herb garden and rest area are open to all
  • North Carolina native wildflower meadow (Coming Soon!) - celebrate our state’s beautiful (and ecologically important) flora while observing the positive impact these plants have on attracting and supporting native pollinator species (e.g., butterflies, hummingbirds, honey bees, etc.)
  • NC native shrubs (Coming Soon!) - these flowering shrubs are not only beautiful, they support pollinators with their flowers, and birds and mammals with their berries; espalier fans, come see what we're doing with these native shrubs
  • Fruit and Nut tree orchard (Coming Soon!) - come walk among the trees that provide us with so many delicious (and HEALTHY!) treats

part of the community garden

Our Mission

The mission of SGA Community Gardens is to empower Winston-Salem residents (particularly those residing in the city's East and Southeast Wards - noted food deserts) with the resources and skills needed to grow their own healthy foods, increase access to fresh produce for all, and provide opportunities for education, relaxation, self-expression, and healing to improve physical, mental, and emotional health, from the inside out.

We accomplish this mission by providing the following resource to the community:
a girl gardening
  • Raised beds for rent - grow, harvest, and eat your own sustainability-grown produce
  • Education programming - attend monthly classes/workshops on the following topics: art and culture, gardening, and cooking/preparing fresh produce (all classes are held in the garden unless otherwise specified)
  • Youth gardening club - youth can come learn to plant, maintain, and harvest produce; make healthy snacks; learn about the importance of respecting and caring for natural resources; do art projects; and much, much more
  • SGA Farmer’s Market - all are welcome to visit the Farmer’s Market for affordable and healthy produce (every Saturday, May - November, 2019)
If you are interested in finding out more about how you can help us accomplish this mission, please click the “How You Can Help” tab above!

Our Vision

We believe urban garden spaces can nourish more than just the body, and we hope to nourish the mind and the soul as well through our FREE monthly education programs (for the gardener and non-gardener alike), our on-site North Carolina native wildflower meadow and rest area (coming: October 2019), our multi-purpose education space, and our community of dedicated, experienced, and friendly gardeners and partners.

a harvest from the garden

Garden Manager

S.G. Atkins CDC is excited to announce the most recent addition to our staff, Dr. Kyle Luth, Community Gardens Manager.  Kyle is an avid gardener, scientist, and educator with over 12 years of teaching experience, including college, high school, and elementary education.  He enjoys sharing his passion for education and appreciation for the natural world with everyone he meets.  Thanks to a generous grant from the City of Winston-Salem, we were able to hire Kyle on a part-time basis in September (2018), to help update the garden space, increase its programming options, and expand its impact in neighboring communities.

What’s going on in the gardens?

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Who’s currently (2019) using SGA Community Gardens?

  • Vida Verdea butterfly in the garden
  • Knew Era Consulting, PLLC
  • Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) SMiLE CAMPAiGN
  • WSSU Recreation Therapy Classes
  • United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church (UMMBC) Community Garden
  • Phi Omega Global Poverty AKA cultural Project
  • Wake Forest University (WFU) School of Divinity
  • Over 15 individual community members/families