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University Updates on Coronavirus

Future soldiers sworn-in from space at WSSU

Twelve future soldiers took the oath of enlistment on Winston-Salem State University’s campus during a mass Future Soldier Swearing-in Ceremony administered from space by Army astronaut Col. Andrew Morgan on Feb. 26.

The ceremony was originally set-up for the Houston Recruiting Battalion; however, the Army decided to make it a national swearing-in. Recruiting battalions around the country assembled future soldiers to be sworn in via Livestream, including the Winston-Salem Recruiting Station.

SFC. Michael Lewis, U.S. Army and Army Reserve recruiter for the Winston-Salem area, said that WSSU was chosen as a hosting site because of their partnership with the university.

WSSU student Kolbi Nathaniel Shaw, a sophomore, business administration major from Wilmington was among the newly recruited soldiers.

“We are doing this through Livestream to recognize that the army is diverse,” said Lewis. “We have astronauts in the army. It’s more than just kicking in doors and shooting.”

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WSSU: An economic engine in the Triad

In a report recently released by Professor of Accounting, Economics, and Finance, Dr. Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi, and his students, WSSU proves to be a vital pipeline of economic opportunity.

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WSSU Launches New Webcast: Future Focus Now

Winston-Salem State University Chancellor Elwood L. Robinson's radio show, Future Focus, is back on a new platform with a new name: Future Focus Now.

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WSSU helps with local PPE shortage

WSSU faculty and staff spearheaded a highly successful effort to collect personal protective equipment to go to local public health agencies. The university was able to donate more than 10,000 nitrile gloves and 300 disposable isolation gowns.

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