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Science Initiatives

Science Initiatives Mission

Winston-Salem State University’s Office of Science Initiatives aims to enhance student academic success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by supporting student and faculty development.

Why Science Initiatives?

America is losing some of its best STEM talent. Research indicates that more than half of the students that begin college with the intention to obtain a science or engineering degree leave without one. The STEM educational culture took shape during a time period when college students could be described as a homogeneous group (i.e. white, middle-class men) and it clearly has not evolved in a way that benefits the modern and diverse college-going population. OSI was conceived to serve WSSU’s diverse student body and create supportive learning environments for students in STEM disciplines. 

The Science Initiatives build upon key academic priorities of WSSU’s Strategic Plan and efforts are collaborative, involving all members of the campus community - administrators, faculty, staff, and students. At its core the OSI at WSSU is designed as a multi-faceted and comprehensive endeavor that seeks to increase the enrollment in and completion of science degree programs.

The Science Initiatives at WSSU are designed with and for multiple campus stakeholders. Current Initiatives Include: