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General Guidelines for Contracts

  • No modifications are allowed to WSSU contract templates or routing pages unless completed by the Office of Legal Affairs.
  • Contracts completed using an WSSU contract template should have Contractor's signature at the time of submission or documentation validating Contractor's position on not signing.
  • All contracts on internal or external templates must be routed to Purchasing for review.
  • All contracts should be submitted in a timely manner to obtain a fully executed contract before services are to begin. Contracts submitted after services begin will require a Contract Justification.
  • Contractual Services Agreements: services to be paid a total of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) or more, review by the Office of Legal Affairs is required.
  • Contractual Services Agreements should not have terms longer than three (3) years.
  • Clinical Affiliation and Site Agreements: terms should not last more than five (5) years for out of state contracts, or ten (10) years for in state contracts.
  • Contracts cannot be used to fulfill the duties of employees. For further information, please contact Human Resources.
  • Contracts that involve the receipt of funds must be approved by the University Controller. See below for routing page.
  • If the services rendered will involve technology components (i.e. software or hardware), the signature of Information Technology is required.
  • If the services rendered will involve marketing components (i.e. logos, trademarks, filming/photography, speakers, promotion, etc.), the signature of Integrated Marketing Communication is required.
  • All consultant services to be performed on behalf of Winston-Salem State University must be approved in advance through the North Carolina Department of Administration, Division of Purchase & Contract, and the Governor’s office. Consultant services shall be obtained only after it is determined that such services are in the best interest of the State and Winston-Salem State University. For more information, please contact Purchasing.