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102.5 - Supplemental Pay for EHRA Employees

University Group Policy #102.5

I.  Policy Statement

Commensurate with University of North Carolina policy, Winston-Salem State University (hereinafter “WSSU”) recognizes that certain circumstances may exist to justify the award of supplemental pay to SHRA employees and to EHRA employees (note: EHRA employees are those positions that are not subject to the State Human Resources Act and are classified in one of four categories: 1) EHRA Professional, 2) Faculty, 3) Senior Academic and Administrative Officer Tier-1, or 4) Senior Academic and Administrative Officer Tier-II). The policy supplements existing guidance and statutes and should not be interpreted in any way that is not consistent with guidance provided in UNC Policy 300.2.13. This policy sets forth the conditions under which a supervisor may approve supplemental pay for employees and the approval request process that must be followed.

II.     Definitions

“Supplemental pay” is defined as compensation in excess of an employee’s annual salary that is paid by WSSU to the employee for: (a) temporary increases in responsibility and/or (b) extra duties beyond the scope of the employee’s contract/appointment. “Annual Salary” is defined as the compensation paid to the employee by WSSU for duties to be performed within the scope of the contract/appointment.

III.    Guidelines


This policy does not cover compensation provided by WSSU to WSSU Athletic Department Head Coaches and their EHRA staff related to Conference Championships (Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association) or post-season invitations or team graduation rates which are governed by the Athletic Department’s established Championship & Post Season Compensation Guidelines

Limits on Supplemental Pay

a) Employees Within Contract Period

The maximum amount of supplemental pay cannot exceed 20% of an employee’s annual base salary. If operational needs or other compelling circumstances arise, supplemental compensation may exceed the 20% threshold and must be approved by the appropriate Vice Chancellor. Supplemental compensation from federally sponsored contract and grants administered through WSSU Office of Sponsored Programs is not allowable during the employment contract period unless specifically allowed by the sponsoring agency.

b) Employees Outside of Contract Period
  1. Academic Year Appointments (9-month). Total supplemental pay that may be received during summer months is equal to the annual base salary divided by the number of contract/appointment month multiplied by the number of non-contract months. For example, a 9-month EHRA employee with a full-time annual salary of $45,000 would have a summer salary cap of $15,000 ($45,000/9 = $5,000 * 3 = $15,000)
  2. The same calculation method is used for appointments/contracts other than academic year appointments/contracts (i.e., <9, 10 or 11), using base salary, on a prorated basis
  3. There is no out of contract period of 12-month employees

c) Under this policy EHRA employees and SHRA employees with appointments at less than 1.0 FTE (full time equivalent) are eligible for supplemental pay at the part time rate until they reach the equivalent of 1.0 FTE rate. Once 1.0 FTE rate is reached, supplemental pay limits apply as described in this section. Supplemental pay for SHRA employees includes duties on campus only when such duties are occasional, sporadic, unrelated to primary job duties and performed outside regular working hours. Assignments that are related to primary job duties should be compensated under the guidelines of the Overtime Compensation Policy.

EXAMPLE: An SHRA employee subject to FLSA may teach a course outside regular working hours or while using leave, and the compensation for teaching the course shall be consistent with the rate for instructors of the respective course.

d) Supplemental payments will not be adjusted if employee receives a salary increase applied retroactively to the period of supplemental assignment.

Approval Request Process

The following steps must be completed and documents before a supplemental payment can be made:

  1. The employee’s supervisor must submit an appropriately completed Personnel Action Form with a written request stating the justification for supplemental pay in advance of the start of the special assignment.
  2. The request must clearly identify the activities covered, the relationship of the activities to normal job responsibilities, the expected duration and the basis for determining the one-time or periodic supplemental payment.
  3. The request must be made to the appropriate administrator (Provost/Vice Chancellor, Department Head, Dean, etc.)
  4. The approved request must be submitted to Human Resources or Faculty Personnel Administration for final review and processing.

IV.     Applicability

This policy applies to all Winston-Salem State University EHRA employees.

V.    Compliance

Record Retention

Original supporting documentation for the supplemental pay must be retained in the hiring department’s file for a period of five years from the date of payment. Documentation for the supplemental payment must also be retained in the employee’s personnel file for a period of five years from the date of payment. If documentation is in support of expenditures charged to a sponsored award, the documentation must be retained for 5 years after termination of the sponsored award.

Responsible Division: Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted: December 9, 2011