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302.2 - Double Major

University Group Policy #302.2

I.  Policy Statement

Undergraduate students may major in two separate disciplines with the permission of the chairperson of each of the departments and the appropriate dean(s) and on the condition that they meet the requirements for each major. Courses may be double-counted so long as more than half the courses and course credit-hours taken in each major are exclusive to that major, that is, not cross-listed, and not double-counted. For example: With an eight course major, five of the courses must be exclusive to the first major and no more than three may overlap with the second major.

Rules governing the double counting of major and minor courses with General Education requirements vary by department. Students should consult with an academic advisor or department chairperson in both departments for further information.

Students who meet the requirements for a double major will receive a diploma indicating the degree of the primary major. The student must indicate which major comprises the primary major. At the time of graduation, the official transcript will indicate both majors.

II.     Applicability

This policy is applicable to undergraduate students at Winston-Salem State University.

Responsible Division: Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Approved by Academic Standards and Curriculum August 21, 2012
  • Adopted September 22, 2012