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303.14 - Graduate Suspension and Dismissal

University Group Policy #303.14

I.  Policy Statement


Winston–Salem State University reserves the right to exclude at any time a graduate student whose conduct is in violation of academic integrity policy and/or standards of professional behavior as defined by the respective academic programs. Students are responsible for being aware of university, program, and departmental policies regarding academic and professional behavior. For university policies refer to the graduate catalog, for departmental and program policies refer to specific program student handbooks. Any conduct that violates the Student Code of Conduct will be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs.

Grade Point Average

Any graduate student who fails to maintain a cumulative grade average of at least 3.0 may not be permitted to continue as a degree candidate without the written recommendation of the Graduate Program Coordinator and Department Chair and the approval of the Dean of the school/college. Degree candidacy is discontinued for the student who has received a grade of “F” or “U”. The Student may not continue in graduate school unless the Graduate Program Coordinator/Department Chair submits in writing an acceptable recommendation to the Dean of the school/college. In no case may a graduate student be permitted to repeat more than one course in order to improve the grade and the student that received a grade of “F” or “U” may not continue towards the graduate degree under any circumstance. This policy represents a minimum set of standards. Individual programs may set additional program specific criteria requirements. Students are responsible for contacting their program and/or department for additional criteria.

Graduate students are advised to consult the policies on grading and the grade appeal process found in the graduate catalog.

II.     Applicability

This policy is applicable to graduate students at Winston-Salem State University.

Responsible Division: Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted June 17, 2011

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