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600.11 - Temporary Signage

University Group Policy #600.11

I.  Policy Statement

Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) strives to provide the campus community and its visitors with a clean and attractive campus. This policy addresses the placement of Exterior Temporary Signage on campus.

II.     Definitions

Exterior Temporary Signage includes but is not limited to lawn signs, sandwich boards, banners, pole banners and other free-standing signage

III.    Guidelines

All Exterior Temporary Signage must clearly identify the sponsoring university organization. Application to install Exterior Temporary Signage shall be submitted to and approved by the Office of Integrated Marketing Communications in writing, prior to installation or display.  Permissions shall be valid for a one-time use. Exterior Temporary Signage will be placed by the requesting College, Academic or Administrative Department. Signs may not block roadways or sidewalks.

 A maximum of ten (10) Temporary Signs may be displayed for a maximum of three weeks. Signage must be removed by the College, Academic or Administrative Department at the conclusion of the three weeks. A maximum of four (4) departments or units may display signs during the same scheduled period. Applications received requesting permission within identical scheduling periods, will be considered in chronological order, per date of earliest receipt.

Sponsoring university organizations may not extend their university affiliation to include a non-university, for-profit organization as a means to promote or sell second-party goods or services or entities on campus and signage marketing or promoting such goods or services or entities will not be approved.

IV.     Applicability

This policy applies to all colleges, academic, and administrative departments affiliated with WSSU. The policy does not apply to student organizations or entities under which a contractual agreement requires on-campus signage.

V.    Compliance

If a unit is found to have not retrieved their signage at the conclusion of their permitting period, future applications for signage may be denied. 

Responsible Division: Integrated Marketing Communications

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted March 16, 2018