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600.5 - Moving Expenses Pursuant to Institutional Plan of Management Flexibility to Appoint and Fix Compensation

University Group Policy #600.5

I.  Policy Statement

Moving expenses are provided at the time of the initial appointment for the relocation of all senior academic and administrative officers who report directly to the chancellor (provost & vice chancellor for academic affairs, provost, vice chancellor for finance & administration, vice chancellor for university advancement, legal counsel, executive assistant to the chancellor, and athletic director), head coaches, endowed distinguished professors, and senior level academic and administrative officers who report to the provost and vice chancellors. The latter group includes academic deans, university librarian, endowed distinguished professors, associate vice chancellors, and associate provosts. Moving expenses are provided as part of the recruitment package, subject to the approval of the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees. These expenses are paid from non-state funds. These expenses are reimbursed in accordance with guidelines in the State Budget Manual and are reported in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service regulations.

II.    Guidelines

Payment for travel expenses incurred in moving the employee and his family from the old residence to the new residence (a distance of 50 miles or more from the old residence) is authorized as follows:

Moving of Household and Personal Goods

  • Payment for movement of household and personal goods includes items such as furniture, clothing and personal effects. Any items that require special handling and/or packing, such as an animal, a boat, airplane, antiques, satellite dish, campers, woodworking equipment, workshop items, heavy machine equipment, and building materials are not considered as household or personal goods.
  • Payment includes, and is limited to, the cost of actual packing, transporting, and unpacking of a maximum of 15,000 pounds. If the move is on a weight basis (50 miles or more), the maximum cost to be paid can be no more than the lowest available regulated tariff rates. If additional storage is required for any such items, it is the responsibility of the employee and is not reimbursable.
  • Total transportation charge on any shipment shall be no more than the charge that would apply on the same shipment under the next greater unit of weight at a rate applicable to such next greater unit of weight.
  • When a shipment exceeds 15,000 pounds, reimbursement shall be based upon the tariff rate of 15,000 pounds, provided reimbursement does not exceed actual poundage costs.

III.     Applicability

All employees who are eligible to receive non-salary compensation outlined in this section will receive them based on availability of funding and will not be denied benefits because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

Responsible Division: Office of the Chancellor

Authority: Board of Trustees


  • Adopted: September 15, 2006