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The purpose of the Office of University Events is to manage, coordinate, and facilitate annual plans for both signature and marque events in the life of Winston-Salem State University. The primary function of the office is to support events that include university-constituent relations on behalf of the Chancellor, as well as senior administration. When necessary, the office also oversees interdepartmental coordination in order to organize and streamline the approach to university-wide events.

Chancellor Elwood Robinson giving speech on WSSU campus

Event Management

Levels of Support

  • Creates and establishes initial engagement plan
  • Manages complete event logistics
  • Provides & manages staff and/or volunteers
  • Serves as lead for any associated committees
  • Manages all correspondence and guest lists
  • Facilitates payment for outside agencies and processes internal accounting procedures
  • Serves as a consultant on planning committees
  • Provides direction and guided assistance
  • Provides hosts and/or event attendants
  • Serves as a consultant on planning committees
  • Provides minimal support

WSSU baseball player tagging runner in baseball game

A University Event is either classified as a signature, marque, or collegiate event.

A Signature Event

A Signature Event is defined as an event that is requisite in the life of the University. This event captures the heritage and spirit of the University and celebrates the legacy of the founder, as well as the importance of Winston-Salem State University in the larger Winston-Salem community and the surrounding area. These events are managed by the Office on behalf of the Chancellor and always receive full support. These events include, but are not limited to Homecoming, Commencement, Founder’s Day, etc.

A Marque Event

A Marque Event is defined as an event that engages Winston-Salem State University constituents to participate and donate to the University. Most often, these events are planned in support of the Chancellor or the Division of University Advancement, and receive full or intermediate level support, based on directive from the Chancellor, Provost, and/or Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. These events include, but are not limited to ground breaking ceremonies/ building dedications, university anniversary events, scholarship events, donor focused events, faculty celebrations, etc.

A Collegiate Event

A Collegiate Event is defined as an event that is planned by other agencies within the University. These events most often receive intermediate or basic level support, as determined by the Executive Director for University and Donor Event, or by directive given by the Chancellor and/or Provost.


Event Management Worksheet

University Events Planning Committee

The Office of University Events also oversees that management and coordination of the University Events Planning Committee, which is an interdepartmental team which meets at predetermined times during the year to coordinate university direction for large scale signature and marque events.

Chancellor Elwood Robinson cutting ribbon at ceremony