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Purge Dates

Avoid the registration lines or re-registration process and validate your schedule on time. Validation is how you officially enroll for a term and means that have completed financial arrangements to cover your full bill.  Remember, until you are validated, you are subject to lose your class schedule.

Schedules are removed for non-payment (not validating) each term based on the following schedule:

  1. First schedule removal for non-payment (not validating) occurs the day before late registration begins (for example, if late registration opens August 17th, schedules will be removed on August 16th).
  2. Second schedule removal for non-payment (not validating) occurs on the fifth class day for fall and spring terms (not applicable to summer terms).
  3. Final schedule removal occurs on the tenth class day for fall and spring terms and the second class day for summer terms.  After final schedule removal, re-registration is not allowed.

Please note the following:

  • If your bill is paid in full online (VISA, MasterCard or Debit Card), you will be automatically validated.
  • If financial aid (loans and/or grants) fully pays your bill, you will need to validate your schedule online each term (applicable to fall, spring, summer I and summer II):

Late Registration

Enrolled students who do not register during the designated registration periods for Fall and Spring will be charged a $100 non-refundable Late Registration Fee. The fee will be charged to students who register during the Change of Registration period.

Students who register and classes are purged due to non payment will also be charged a non-refundable late fee of $100.00.

Refund Dates

Initially, student refunds are issued at the beginning of each semester on the 5th business day after the Census date. Refunds due to students will be issued after all financial obligations are satisfied. Refunds are not issued on anticipated funds. Additional refunds are processed according to the schedule listed below.

See the calendar to the left for fall and spring regular term refunds disbursement dates. Student Accounts reserves the right to make changes to this schedule.

Refunds cannot be picked up in the Student Accounts Office. They are mailed to the permanent address on file or directly deposited into your current bank account, at the time the refund is issued. (Permanent addresses are updated in the registrar’s office, 202 Thompson Center). If a class is dropped after the drop/add period, there is no financial credit.


Check out Withdrawal Without Financial Penalty page for dates and information as they relate to withdrawing from the school.