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Campus Cable Access Channels

Multi-Media Technology Services is responsible for the coordination of the three campus access channels' programming, including the technical support for live feeds and playback of recorded programs.

Channel 6 (Campus Bulletin Board) displays current information, announcements and event information. To submit announcements for Channel 6 contact Roger Kirkman at 1-336-750-2688 or

Channel 69-1 (RAM-TV) carries student produced programming from the Department of Mass Communications and Media Studies TV Studio in Hall-Patterson. For information on Channel 69-1 programs contact Cole Russing of RAM-TV at 1-336-750-2784 or

Channel 69-2 (CAMPUS ACCESS) provides general academic and informational programming campus faculty, students and staff. To submit programming for Channel 69-2, contact Chris Screen at 336-750-2689 or

WSSU Cable Channel Lineup

For information on Campus Access Channels contact Richard Edwards at 1-336-750-2684 or

WSSU Campus Cable Channel Information and Tuner Requirements

The Campus Cable system has 134 channels. Channels 2 to 35 (channels 17 – 20 do not carry programming) are received by an analog tuner (NTSC) and channels 36-1 to 69-2 require a digital tuner (QAM). The lineup was configured by Time/Warner for WSSU and is different from the commercial lineup available in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County.

To setup a TV to the current channel lineup, you can access the menu and run a channel scan/setup.

If a TV set does not have a digital tuner, you will need to connect an external QAM channel converter to receive the full campus channel lineup.

Please note that ATSC is the digital format for over-the-air digital broadcast, QAM is the format for digital cable channels. Check the specifications on your TV to confirm the internal tuner for your set and the channel setup procedure.

If your TV is not picking up the digital cable channels you will need to add an external tuner/converter that supports QAM/ClearQAM signals or replace the TV with one that is cable ready with both tuners.