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To enhance our student’s educational pursuits certain portable devices will be made available for short-term checkout via the Portable Device Loan Service (PDLS) to any currently enrolled Winston-Salem State University student in good standing as well as faculty and staff.  All equipment is available to RAM Family members for use in class, in meetings, for research, for sponsored programs and university activities. This includes all campus affiliates and organizations. Individual equipment loans are on a first come, first served basis.  If needed, training in the use of any equipment must be scheduled well in advance of use. The PDLS  is located in O'Kelly Library, Rm. 203. 

The following items will be available for checkout on a first come first served basis:

  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • Digital Cameras
  • Camera accessories
  • Laptop accessories
  • Projectors and Screens

Checkout and return is between the hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Program Loaning Guidelines
  • Prior to checking out a laptop computer, you must read and complete the online Electronic Computing Device Loan Agreement and Use Policy. Be sure to fill out all of the required information. 
  • All equipment must be reserved using the appropriate form on-line or in-person in the O’Kelly Library room 203.
  • Equipment will not be distributed to anyone not providing their valid RAMCard. 
  • Multiple items can be checked out per loan, but there is limit of one per type of equipment item (laptop, iPad, camera, etc.) per check-out. However, multiple items of the same type can be checked out by faculty and staff for group use pending pre-approval.
  • Equipment will be available for checkout for a maximum period of 5 days to WSSU students, faculty and staff members in good standing with the university. The loaning period may not be extended more than two times, per loan. Also, following the extended loaning period, customers may not be able to loan the same type equipment out for at least a week. This grace period is dependent on the frequency of each customer's loaning and the type of equipment that is being loaned. This policy has been put in place to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to utilize the loaner equipment.
  • Clients should return equipment in a timely manner, so that we may accommodate as many clients as possible. If you find that you need to keep an item longer than anticipated, please notify our office as soon as possible. You must receive approval by TSS to extend scheduled return time. Equipment that is not returned within 24 hours of the agreed upon return date will be considered stolen and the WSSU Campus Police Department will be notified. Overdue loans will be submitted to campus police for retrieval.Equipment that is returned late will be assessed $5 per day for every day it is late.
Program Use Guidelines
  • Never leave the laptop unattended while it is checked out to you.
  • Borrowed property may NOT loan to anyone else.
  • It is highly recommended that all personal files be saved on a USB Flash Drive. Any files created and saved on the laptop are automatically erased when turned off. WSSU nor OIT assumes any responsibility for files stored on the hard drive or on the laptop’s peripheral components. 
  • Personal software may not be loaded onto the laptop computer at any time.
  • WSSU reserves the right to freeze the asset.

Violation of the guidelines above will constitute grounds for refusal of future service and/or disciplinary action.

Financial Responsibility
Borrowers are financially responsible for the full replacement cost of all laptop loaner devices and peripherals checked out if lost, damaged, or stolen during the checkout period or full cost of repairs, if repairs are necessary due to damage, including damage caused by spillage from food or beverage.

Any costs, or fees that are accrued due to usage, or negligence under this agreement must be paid immediately. A hold will be placed on the  borrower’s account until the balance is paid.

If the WSSU Campus Police Department has been notified, then a hold and a fee will be placed on your student account or employee account. Individual cases may be referred to Student Affairs, or Human Resources as appropriate for additional actions.

If an item has been stolen, or if the equipment assigned to you is missing, please call campus police at (336) 750-2900 and the help desk at (336) 750-3431.