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STARS Program

Starting in the 2017-2018 school year the Office of Information Technology will establish a Student Technology Achievement and Research Scholars program (STARS) where selected students will apply and complete a DELL Technologies Certification Program as they progress through an internship program in the department. Additional information about this program will be forthcoming.

Dell Ambassadors

Do you major in Marketing/Sales/Communications/Business? Or maybe you love the spotlight? Perhaps you thrive on selling a solution to someone’s need? Do you want a flexible schedule to seamlessly work with your campus life? Then keep reading!

We are looking for students who are excited to take on a paid skill building opportunity between a Fortune 500 technology company and one of the top marketing agencies in North America. You will be a part of a unique program in order to drive the Dell brand on your campus.

In this part-time paid position, you will be challenged to use and grow your communication, networking, sales and marketing skills. You will be required to interact with fellow students to educate them on benefits of Dell, generate buzz, and in turn support the growth of Dell. You will help promote Dell by working with campus technology stores and by attending campus events such as orientations, club events, career fairs, and a variety of social functions. You will be responsible for increasing Dell brand perception and becoming THE campus expert on Dell’s student program. You will spread word of Dell University, as well as build relationships with your campus technology store, students and faculty. In this ever evolving world of technology, these folks will need a person to go to, and that person will be you!

We need students with the thirst to tap into their natural ability to create networks and communicate effectively. People interaction is a MUST, both infield and online (via various social platforms). Building a solid campus network of Dell enthusiasts is the primary goal of this position. If you are a natural influencer, have an ambition for sales & marketing, a passion for social media, and you enjoy technology, then this is the job for you!

We want your old computers and laptops

If you have old equipment that is still in service or old equipment in your way, please call the support center so we can replace the old equipment or move the old hardware from your area.

Customers' Feedback and Input

As we strive to provide excellent customer service, we solicit your confidential feedback on how we are doing. Our goal is to use your input to measure our effectiveness. We will evaluate the feedback and make additional changes to meet the needs of the RAM Family. Please take a few minutes to take a five questions survey.