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Web Support Services

Web Support Services strives to maintain a viable university website by promoting the presentation of relevant and accurate information and ensuring robust and reliable delivery. Web Support Services exist to assist contributors, editors, approvers, and content owners in the professional delivery and maintenance of the content of the university website via tasks assistance, page maintenance, training, redesign, and by ensuring adherence to approved university branding and web best practices.

Web Support Services is pleased to provide you, our clients, a variety of services which facilitate the maintenance and development of the Winston-Salem State University website. We support the following initiatives:

  • Content Management (WSSU public-facing website, Student Portal (MyWSSU)
  • Administration of the Cascade Server (Content Management System)
  • Administration of the SharePoint (Team Collaboration Software)
  • Training and Support (Cascade, SharePoint, Student Porta, 25 Live Pro Calendar)
  • Design and Development of ad hoc web sites
  • Web interface support of 3rd party applications (DegreeWorks, RAMTech)
  • Emergency Management (Emergency Management Center - PIO)

To secure the services of the Web Support Services group be sure to complete a RAMTech ticket. Please remember that all web project requests must be approved by the appropriate department head/chair or content owner, before submission to the Web Support Services (WSS).