Content Management

The NEW! WSSU web site is built on a robust content management system (CMS). It incorporates new functionality and has a fresh new look and feel that represents a step forward in terms of ease of use and shared responsibility. Our implementation of Cascade uses a traditional workflow to maintain the accuracy and integrity of our web content.

The Information Technology Web Support Services (WSS) team and designated content superusers work together and are responsible for creating, editing and maintaining the pages that make up the Winston-Salem State University public-facing web site. Superusers were trained to ensure the accuracy, relevance, timeliness and overall appropriateness of content used to represent their college, school or departmental unit on the public-facing website.

WSS will be the single point of contact for issues relating to the web site and will serve as a support unit to all CMS superusers, approvers and content owners. All content to be created or edited is to be managed by the superuser for the college, school or departmental unit thus each area will have responsibility for maintaining the content of their respective pages; keeping content relevant and updated.

The WSSU website is our single most important marketing and communications connection to external visitors. Web Support Services will work closely with the Office of Integrated Marketing and Communications (OIMC) to ensure that the public-facing website design supports the university branding and properly promotes the university message.

Questions, feedback and comments regarding the web site should be directed to or a member of the Web Support Services team via RAMTech Support.

Web Support Services

  • Tarina Whitfield
  • Jay Scott
  • Kelly Fei


  • Jay Davis - OIMC
  • Austin Grier - Audit, Risk, and Compliance
  • Ian Hertz - O’Kelly
  • Laura Huff - OIMC
  • Mary McComb - OIMC
  • Ginny Moench - IAR
  • Charles Parrott - UCALL & General Education
  • Cindy Strine - UREC
  • Jamesina A. Woodyard - CASBE
  • Joe Baker - CASBE
  • Shanlon Buchanan - Enrollment Management
  • Alvita Byers - BRIC
  • Troy Gray - Wellness Center
  • Cathy Hoots - Enrollment Management
  • Virgil Lessane - Police and Public Safety
  • Jerome Rose - Diggs Gallery
  • Christopher S. - Wendt SOHS
  • Chandra Wells - EM & EHS