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The B.I.G. Idea In Community Engagement

Diffusion does not occur spontaneously; it requires intentionality and formal dissemination strategies. CSEM’s “B.I.G.” idea provides an integrative needs-based approach that reframes scientific inquiry to align the incentives of businesses, individuals, and governments. The result is localized research that generates actionable opportunities for decision makers to effectively pilot both short-term community-based interventions and long-term structural reform. 

Community Engagement Through Acceleration

Paying-it-forward is an infectious and integral part of this CSEM ecosystem. We believe the next generation of change agents are in our classrooms, homes and in the community organizations. These innovators are inspired to take action in their own communities and share their gifts to create change for the better.

CSEM Community Acceleration Research Track, Workforce Development, Health and Well-being, Social Good Acceleration

Economic Mobility Opportunity Awards (EMOA)

The CSEM Community Acceleration Research Track is fueled by the granting of Economic Mobility Opportunity Awards (EMOA) of up to $12,500 to businesses, individuals (organizations) and with government sponsored initiatives that aim to provide pathways for increasing economic mobility for city and county residents. The purpose of the EMOA’s are to accelerate the building of sustainable and scalable pathways to economic mobility in three distinct areas; workforce development, health and well-being, and growth of businesses for social good.

2018-19 Economic Mobility Award Recipients

Silver Lining Youth Services-Health and Well-being - (Education)
Millennial Scholars Program Workforce Development - (Education/Careers)
Royal Curtain Drama Guild Health and Well-being - (Entrepreneurs)
Jerry Anderson-Social Good - (Entrepreneurs)
Road to Equity Network in East Winston (RENEW) Health and Well-being - (Education)

2017-18 Economic Mobility Award Recipients

Supana Fashions - Social Good - (Entrepreneurs)
Candid Yams Kick Back Social Good - (Entrepreneurs)
Bee Geek Inc  Workforce Development - (Careers)