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CSEM's Data Repository houses the center's research datasets. These datasets include data regarding a wide variety of topics, such as Forsyth County census tract estimates, Winston-Salem bus drivers, eviction rates, and Forsyth County school performance data, among many other subjects. CSEM houses and uses these datasets with goal of empirically understanding the various causes and consequences of low upward mobility rates in Forsyth County, NC. To access these data, please read the Rules and Regulations, and then formally Apply to Access CSEM Data. If approved, the data can be reached by clicking Database below, and logging in.

a city bus
Employed Bus Riders in Winston-Salem, NC

illustration of a crowd of people
Forsyth Census Tract Demographics

a family in a kitchen
Forsyth Census Tract Household Size Info

illustration of people thinking about money
Forsyth Census Tract Income Estimates

a house
Forsyth Census Tract Rent vs. Owner Occupied

men wearing orange prison jumpsuits
Forsyth Census Tract Special Populations

a graph of Forsyth county school performance
Forsyth County Public Elementary School Performance from 1999 to 2018

Health, Hopes, and Beliefs of East Winston-Salem Residents
Health, Hopes, and Beliefs of East Winston-Salem Residents

a map of the United States
Mobility Rates and Sprawl with Other Relevant Correlates at the Census Tract Level

a boy writing on a chalkboard
Student Proficiency and School Details in NC Public Elementary Schools in 2018

kids sitting in a group
NC Public Elementary School Details in 2017 and 2018

a group of kids
NC Public Middle Schools Details in 2017 and 2018

a boy with a tablet
Student Access to Technology in Forsyth County NC