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County commissioner’s work informed by loss to gun violence

The Chronicle

Forsyth County Commissioner Tonya McDaniel carries her son Trayvon’s legacy as she combats gun violence.  Trayvon passed away 11 years ago when he was 22 to gun violence in a bizarre incident. “I’ll never really know what it was really all about,” McDaniel said. “I do know, I want to do my part to reduce gun violence and try to save some families from the grief my family carries.”


New WSSU Student Research Fellows selected to partner with CSEM team


In its five years, the Center for the Study of Economic Mobility (CSEM) has stressed student involvement, including more than 25 students in its projects. The learning is a two-way-street, with CSEM Faculty Fellows learning almost as much from our students, often from their lived experiences. 


We need more innovative transportation programs like this one

The Chronicle

Three years ago, Courtney James and her husband, Gregory, drafted a plan for a business that would help fill the gap for workers who depend on the city’s inadequate bus system, the Winston-Salem Transit Authority (WSTA), to get to their jobs.

 CSEM Director speaking to a crowd

WSSU Center for the Study of Economic Mobility selected for prestigious Fair Housing Breaking Barriers Award


What began as a “startling” revelation to Winston-Salem State University economics professor Craig Richardson five years ago has developed into a community-changing program that has been selected for one of Winston-Salem’s most prestigious community awards.


John Railey: A needed crafter of affordable housing

Winston-Salem Journal

In August, the Winston-Salem City Council voted to pay a New Orleans nonprofit, HousingNOLA, $322,000 to craft an action plan for greatly increasing our city’s inventory of affordable housing.

 CSEM director receiving an award

CSEM director receives award, honor


On Tuesday, Aug. 16,, Winston-Salem State University faculty and top administrators gathered for the annual Faculty Award and Sponsored Programs Banquet.

 Picture of Monica Guillory

Dr. Monica D. Guillory wins an award


Dr. Monica D. Guillory presented a paper at the 2022 Small Business Institute (SBI) conference. The mission of the Small Business Institute® is to be the premier provider of professional development for those engaged in experiential student team consulting and related entrepreneurship education, research, and activities.

 County Commissioner Tonya McDaniel in front of her house she bought through the homeownership program.

County commissioner knows firsthand the value of the homeownership program

The Chronicle

Forsyth County Commissioner Tonya McDaniel knows the value of the county's homeownership program firsthand: In 2010, she bought her home through it. "It's a great program," McDaniel said recently.

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