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University Updates on Coronavirus

Center for the Study of Economic Mobility

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student with a camera

WSSU grad works with CSEM, Tate Consulting on economic mobility

The Chronicle

For Quinton Benson, it all started that day he saw the boy in the grocery store...

WSTA suspends two-bag limit


The Winston-Salem Transit Authority has suspended its rule limiting passengers to just two bags of groceries, and a local high school student played a big role in its decision.

Tate Consulting Developing Leaders

Graduates of entrepreneurial class are future of East Winston

The Chronicle

Graduates of the inaugural class of the East Winston version of the “Playbook for Entrepreneurial Excellence” took their virtual graduation, the new normal now...

a group of students

Local high school student connects with CSEM and charges ahead


Sarina Horner works on reform of city bus system.

Hispanics in Forsyth County may face higher risk of eviction from COVID-19

Winston-Salem Journal

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office recently announced a halt to evictions as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the United States. Delinquent renters can now remain in their homes


Pandemic heightens concerns for bus rider


Subject of documentary film rises to new challenges

CSEM research could open doors for African American women with disabilities

The Chronicle

The pandemic underscores the need for this study.


CSEM intern Sierra Chesnutt charges ahead


Corona virus restrictions challenge this intern, but won’t stop her work.

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