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CSEM Our Research

Policy Briefs

CSEM Policy Reports are intended to be accessible and jargon-free analyses for a general audience. They are written by CSEM Research Fellows and serve to reach a broader audience.

Working Papers

CSEM Working Papers are in-depth analyses of a particular research question, and can serve as a launch pad for peer-reviewed journal publications.

CSEM Faculty Fellow Publications

CSEM Faculty Fellows are chosen on an annual basis through a rigorous application and evaluation process. Research projects  must pose an innovative research question revolving around economic mobility in Forsyth County, NC. They can be from any social science or health discipline, and must offer some avenue for potential change within the socio-political environment, based on rigorous empirical work.

CSEM Faculty Fellows mentor WSSU students, present their work at academic and community settings and publish their work in respected peer-reviewed journals.

Our Research Model

CSEM conducts research that considers the interest of businesses, individuals, and governments. It promotes policies that align the incentives of each. With the support of all three,  such policies are more likely to be successful and bring about real long-term change.