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Student Concerns

Faculty of Education - Student Concerns Process

From time to time, concerns arise between students and faculty that cannot be resolved without intervention, consultation, or clarification from someone else. In such instances, it is important that we have a process in place to address student concern(s). Students are entitled to engage in a process that provides the most efficient and effective method of resolution. Likewise, faculty are expected to be engaged in such a process so that the resolution is fair, open, and inclusive of affected parties. When such occurrences arise, students are asked to complete the Student Concern Report Form to express the nature of their concerns.

The Student Concern Report Form is to be used for recording and resolving students' concerns. The purposes of this form are as follows:

  • To facilitate the process for handling student concerns.
  • To provide a written record of concerns presented by students and how such concerns are resolved.
  • To give students the opportunity to reflect on their concerns and determine an appropriate course of action.
  • To provide faculty the opportunity to assist students in thinking critically toward resolving complaints.

The form is provided to faculty members for use when the student presents a concern. The student will be asked to complete the form, which will be used for discussion between the student and the faculty member with whom he or she shares the concern. Forms are submitted to the department chair (or to the dean’s office if it involves the chair) for record-keeping purposes, review, and follow-up, as appropriate. Upon receipt of the form, the chair contacts the student for additional information or clarification, if needed, confers with the faculty or staff member to resolve the matter, records the resolution on the form and forwards the form to the senior associate dean. Upon receipt of the form from the chair, and in matters where the chair is involved, the senior associate dean contacts the student for additional information or clarification, if needed, confers with the chair to resolve the matter, and records the resolution on the form. The decision of the senior associate dean is final.

This is designed to be a helpful process to address student concerns effectively and efficiently and to facilitate discussion between the student and the faculty for successful resolution.