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The National Institute of General Medical Sciences-Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement Program is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), and The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and are designed to increase the participation of underrepresented minority (URM) students involved in biomedical/behavioral research. The program nurtures undergraduate URM's in a way that induces their interest in and readiness for research careers in the biomedical/behavioral sciences. Students from various majors including Biology, chemistry, Psychology and Exercise Science participate in the programs. Scholars receive Extensive hands-on laboratory research experience that also consists of course-work, workshops and seminars designed to introduce students to biomedical/behavioral science careers and leading scientists.

The main objective of RISE is to strengthen the student's academic and research credentials to facilitate their entry into competitive biomedical/behavioral science graduate (PhD) programs. The program offers students unique opportunities such as summer research internships, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) preparation, publication of their research findings in scientific journals, experience in giving professional presentations at national scientific meetings and other professional development activities.

The NIGMS-RISE Program Selection Committee will evaluate the application of each candidate and the two letters of recommendation. Students must be enrolled full-time in undergraduate majors at WSSU in disciplines useful in the biomedical sciences (chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, computer science, exercise science or psychology). In addition students MUST have demonstrated high academic ability in course work, i.e., and A-B average and strong letters of recommendation from college or university science faculty and /or administrators.

The R.I.S.E Program is taking applications at this time. 

Please read the program requirements below.

If you would like to apply, please email Mrs. Alvita Byers at Once you receive ​an application from Mrs. Byers, complete the application ​and forward it to the appropriate parties listed at the bottom of the form. If you have any questions concerning the program​, please contact Mrs. Byers at the above email. (Faculty Recommendation forms must be submitted with the application)

RISE Scholars will be selected based on the following criteria:


Additional Research Opportunities 

University of Michigan College of Pharmacy REU Program Summer Program

Enhancing Undergraduate Education and Research in Aging to Eliminate Health Disparities (ENGAGED)
Undergraduate students with an interest in earning their PhD/advanced professional degree in the biomedical sciences for a research career in aging are encouraged to apply.  ENGAGED sponsorship includes a stipend and tuition, depending upon level of participation. Please click the link above to apply for this program.