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John Arthur Foundation Observatory was built in 1992 and has not been active since 1997. In 2021, Winston Salem State University received a total of $200,000 Catalyst grant from Nation Science Foundation (NSF) including a budget of $114,000 to upgrading the observatory. So far, the Observatory has a brand new 17 inch PlaneWave optical telescope. The observatory will be used as a tool for engaging WSSU students as well as for community engagement.

17 inch PlaneWave optical telescope

All Eclipses and Transits in North Carolina

  • Sep 18, 2024. Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • Mar 14, 2025. Total Lunar Eclipse
  • Mar 29, 2025. Partial Solar Eclipse

  • Mar 3, 2026. Total Lunar Eclipse
  • Aug 12, 2026. Partial Solar Eclipse

Contact Information

Lei Zhang, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics,
Chemistry Department, WBA 304

John Merle, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry and Chair of Chemistry Department. WBA 301

John Arthur Foundation Observatory