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History, Politics, and Social Justice

The Department of History, Politics and Social Justice offers specialized instruction to majors and minors in the social sciences to prepare them for successful employment and for entry into reputable graduate and professional schools. The theme of social justice permeates all of the programs in the department. With high ethical standards and commitment to improving the human condition, you will be able to make important contributions to the social, political and economic development of the world and your community. We invite you to explore our exciting programs, outstanding faculty, and rich co-curricular offerings.

Programs of Study



Justice Studies


Political Science


Military Science Minor

The department houses the minor in Military Science, which is administered by Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AROTC) on a cross-enrolled basis with the host program at Wake Forest University. The minor prepares qualified students for service to the nation as Army officers. Army ROTC three-year and two-year scholarships are available to qualified applicants (both those already enrolled in the AROTC Program and those not yet enrolled) through annual competition. Students interested in the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AFROTC) may enroll in the home program based at North Carolina A&T State University subject to the program policies and procedures.


Clubs & Student Organizations