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Adolescent Health Resources


Having a hard time with your child’s transition into puberty? Not quite sure what to say to them about the changes their bodies are going through? The following website is a fun website for parents, children, and teenagers to better explain the process of reproductive health, puberty, and any other questions you may have. This website has a variety of information on everything you need to know.

Planned Parenthood

Parents, are your children approaching the age where their body will begin to make changes? Planned Parenthood-101 Puberty will help you cope with the changes that will begin to occur in your household and give helpful advice on how to transition.

Healthy Children

Explore this website for general information about children’s health. This website is broken down into ages and stages of a child’s development. It’s designed to help parents understand what children and teenagers may encounter. This website also offers a chance to receive free newsletters on children’s health and development each month. You may also ask experts questions about your child’s development or general health.

Office of Adolescent Health

This website provides tips on being proactive about your child’s reproductive health. It also provides several helpful tools.

Teen Depression - HelpGuide

Explore this website for information about depression. It provides information about signs and effects of depression. It also gives advice on how to talk to teens.

National Institute of Mental Health

This website, produced by the National Institute of Mental Health, provides a fact sheet about depression in children and adolescents.

Teen Health and Wellness

This is an excellent website that provides information regarding hotlines, help lines, and information lines that are organized by subject.

HIV, Other STD, and Teen Pregnancy Prevention and North Carolina Students

This link provides statistics for North Carolina regarding HIV, other STDs and teen pregnancy prevention.

Helping Your Child Through Adolescence

During the early adolescent years, parents and families can greatly influence the growth and development of their children. This link provides information for parents about ways to help their children ages 10-14 through their adolescent years.

Peer Pressure

The cool spot provides cool information for adolescents about peer pressure and ways to recognize and avoid situations involving peer pressure.

Kids Helpline

This link provides information for adolescents about making healthy friendships. Kids Helpline is a free, private and confidential, 24-hour counseling service for youth. It also provides games and activities for young people to connect and have fun.