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Class Deans

The Class Deans in University College and Lifelong Learning serve as a points-of-contact for students in order to help them develop and achieve their educational goal in a liberal education environment. The Class Deans are the “face” for their respective class, providing general and academic advice, assisting with access to academic and non-academic support services, and serving as a liaison between Faculty Advisors, Academic Success Counselors (ASCs), and other university partners. Each class dean will work with the specific needs of the class he or she is assigned to ensure that the students are given accurate information and guidance during their matriculation. Some responsibilities of the class deans include:

  • Communicating accurate and timely information to students and faculty
  • Providing academic guidance to students and faculty
  • Identifying and clarifying academic options and requirements
  • Ensuring that students understand the General Education and Major curricula
  • Informing and advising students' parents and families as appropriate
  • Providing fellowship/community/class advising
  • Assigning pre-major and transfer advisors (and organizing the advising process)
  • Coordinating activities as appropriate with university partners

Dr. Cheraton Love

Dean of First-Year Students

The Dean of First-Year Students, Dr. Cheraton Love, is responsible for welcoming First-Year students to the university and assisting them with academic advising and support as they make the transition to university life. The dean will work with ASCs, Faculty, and other university partners to ensure that the First-Year students receive timely information regarding registration, academic activities and appropriate co-curricular activities. The Dean of First-Year Students is an integral part of RAMDITION, and provides training workshops, group sessions and other interactions to create a sense of community.

Ms. Sandra Ingram

Dean of Sophomore/ Transitional Students

The Dean of Sophomore/Transitional Students, Ms. Sandra Ingram, is responsible for working with students who are preparing to enter their intended majors. The dean will work with Faculty Advisors, ASCs, Chairs, and other university offices to hold information sessions and other activities which will assist students in exploring career paths in choosing majors. The Dean of Sophomore/Transitional Students will also work with students who are undecided about their major, as well as those students who may have challenges with admission into certain majors (e.g., nursing, education) to help them understand alternative pathways and explore opportunities that may suit their goals.

Dr. Donna Durham-Pierre

Dean of Upper Level Students

The Dean of Upper Level Students, Dr. Donna Durham-Pierre,has the responsibility of working with students who have transitioned to their majors and are nearing graduation. The dean helps students explore their academic interests as they think about minors, study abroad opportunities, internships, and other activities that may enhance their educational experience. The Dean of Upper Level Students works with Faculty Advisors, Deans, and Chairs of the academic departments, as well as other constituents to ensure that students are moving satisfactorily toward graduation and are taking the necessary steps to be prepared for the marketplace and/or graduate studies (i.e., 90-hour review, career service activities, personal statements portfolios, etc.).