RAMDITION WEEK: Sunday, August 13th—Saturday, August 19th 


2017 Through the Archway Ceremony
Saturday, August 19th, 10:00 a.m.—11:30 a.m.

This event will be streamed live on the university’s YouTube channel, which can be accessed through the YouTube link at the bottom of this page beginning at 9:45 a.m. on August 19th.

Our keynote speaker for the ceremony is Dr. Nika White, noted motivational speaker, economic development leader, and community advocate.

Dr. Nika White biography

No one does orientation like Winston-Salem State University! RAMDITION, a weeklong event for new freshmen and the beginning of their First Year Experience, is a university collaboration to welcome students and provide programs, workshops, and activities to help students acclimate to campus life and learn about the traditions, processes and resources associated with Winston-Salem State University (WSSU). Beginning with move-in until the newest freshman class walks through the campus’ famous archways; all activities focus on helping these students begin their adjustment to college life.


RAMDITION is a term coined by the late Dr. Michelle Releford when she was Dean of University College, where she developed our traditional freshman orientation program into a broader effort that focused on academics and social activities that prepare students to be more successful during their first year of college. Since its inception in 2009, RAMDITION has seen several iterations. With the development of the WSSU Strategic Plan (2016-2021), RAMDITION 2.0 now more effectively integrates the WSSU liberal education philosophy with an emphasis on the university’s strategic goals and values. Freshmen will explore and discover what they want to do, where they want to go, and how they want to get there. RAMDITION is the beginning of that discovery process.


A trained group of current students called Legacy Leaders leads small groups of freshmen with customized schedules. Activities include advising and registration, a movie night around the tenets of social justice, a campus community social with campus police, campus tours, a talent show, as well as a variety of group “talks” and programs that encourage students to speak candidly about their interests, challenges, and dreams. Parents are invited to an orientation and Chancellor Robinson’s “State of the University Address”, both which provide some helpful information for them before they leave the students in the care of the Ram family.


The culminating event for RAMDITION is the “Through the Archway” ceremony, which is a Rite of Passage for new freshmen at the university. The class salutes the heritage of the university by passing through the Archway that once marked the entrance to the campus in its early years. After words from selected speakers, the freshmen recite a pledge for success, and depart as the newest addition to the WSSU campus family.

Ramdition Events for Parents and Families