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 There are three assessments for incoming freshmen students. Students should do their best - but without outside assistance - on all assessments to ensure they are enrolled in the right courses that are the most appropriate. These are not tests, and therefore are not graded - they are simply designed to help find the right courses and career options for students.

  1. The first is a fun career assessment called Focus 2 that you as an admitted first-time freshmen student can take right now, before you arrive on campus. Remember that it is not a test. Focus 2 helps you learn more about your interests, skills, and values to help you start thinking about majors and career paths that are a good fit.
  2. The second is an online reading assessment that you will take at the start of Ramdition (typically in mid-to-late August). At that time, look out for an email in your WSSU inbox from our Reading Specialist Ms. Angela Steinberg ( and follow her instructions carefully.
  3. The third is a math assessment, which is optional. When you meet with your Academic Success Counselor (ASC), he or she will guide you as to whether you should take the math assessment which should be taken if your advisor says to.
    Note: we will need to assist by entering you into the system before you can access this math assessment page.

Here is a brief 3-part summary about the math assessment:

PART I. The Math Assessment is optional, and should be taken if your Academic Success Counselor (i.e. your course advisor who helps you register for classes) recommends that you take it. The Math Assessment takes 1.5 hours to complete, although there is a minimum required 30-45 minutes of preparation time, using the online math guide provided, that must be done beforehand.

PART II. By default, as an entering WSSU freshmen student you will be placed and enrolled in College Algebra (MAT 1311). Therefore, this Math Assessment is optional. You do not have to take the assessment, and you will not be penalized in any way if you choose not to take it.

PART III. Coordinate with your WSSU Academic Success Counselor to determine if you should take the Math Assessment. If your intended pre-major is one of the following, you should strongly consider taking it: Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Exercise Science (Physical Therapy track), Nursing, Mathematics.

Should you need additional information regarding placement testing, please contact the Testing Center Manager James Pao at (336) 750-2390 or or stop by the office in the Student Success Center at Hill Hall, room 330.