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Computerized Placement Tests (CPTs) assess knowledge, abilities, and readiness for college-level courses. Students performing below established score standards must enroll in one or more of the following developmental courses (varies according to test completed and performance).

CPTs are actually assessments – not pass/fail tests, and are administered to ensure students are properly placed in English and mathematics courses as well as determine if a developmental reading course is needed. CPT subjects include reading comprehension, sentence skills, elementary algebra, and college-level mathematics. CPTs are adaptive, which means the first question will be in the mid-range of difficulty. If answered correctly, the next question will be slightly more difficult. If answered incorrectly, the next question will be easier.

CPTs are untimed. Test results are available immediately. Students should do their absolute best on all tests to ensure enrollment in the appropriate courses.

Should you need additional information regarding placement testing, please contact the University College and Lifelong Learning Testing Center at (336) 750-2390. We are located in the Student Success Center at Hill Hall in room 330.