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For all first-time Freshmen entering the Fall semester at WSSU, placement assessments in the areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics (via ALEKS PPL), and Career Interests (via FOCUS 2) are required to be completed in June of the preceding summer.

Students should do their absolute best - but without outside assistance - on all assessments to ensure enrollment in the courses most appropriate for them.

These tools are used to assess knowledge, abilities, and readiness for college-level courses. Note that they are assessments only – not pass/fail tests – and are administered to ensure students are properly placed in the appropriate English and Mathematics courses at WSSU as well as to determine if a developmental reading course is needed.

Once all assessments have been completed, a student will be contacted by his or her academic advisor via WSSU email. Meeting with the appropriate academic advisor is the final step in determining a student's class schedule.

Should you need additional information regarding placement testing, please contact the Testing Center Manager James Pao at (336)750-2390 or or stop by the office in the Student Success Center at Hill Hall, room 330.