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We provide three main services: test preparation and test proctoring services, the coordination of assessments for incoming freshmen, and workshops that extend the classroom experience by providing greater opportunities for holistic development and learning.

Test preparation workshops are available on-demand in the areas of GRE, LSAT, and PRAXIS Core. To address proctoring needs, we assist with CLEP exam proctoring (for both internal and external clients) as well as internal WSSU requests for exam proctoring.

Assessments of freshmen students are done when they are advised by their Academic Success Counselor (ASC) and typically include the Focus 2 career assessment, the Nelson-Denny reading assessment, and the optional math assessment.

Workshops are available in a live presentation format throughout the academic year on a variety of topics, known collectively as "WSSU Success Workshops." Many previous sessions have been recorded and are available to view 24/7 at the convenience of the student via our virtual, on-demand video repository. The intention of these seminars is to not only guide students on how to maximize their experience at WSSU, but also to equip them for life's challenges after they graduate.

Please see the Testing Policies and Procedures manual above for more detailed information.

For questions please contact James Pao, Testing Center Manager, at or 336-750-2390 or stop by the Testing Center office in the Student Success Center at Hill Hall in room 330.