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Student Success Workshops

Student Success Workshops span a wide variety of topics relevant to students' collegiate and post-collegiate success. Offered by many areas of UCaLL - including Advising, Tutoring and Learning Services, Second-Year and Transfer Year Experiences, and Beyond the Classroom - these workshops are entirely free to attend while providing essential skills to all students.

Starting March 2020, workshops will be transmitted live online via Zoom, but you must request access in advance, preferably one day before or earlier.  To receive Zoom links or for general questions about the program, please contact James Pao, UCaLL Strategic Process and Assessment Manager, at

In addition, as a WSSU student, you can also access previously recorded workshops, taught by qualified WSSU faculty and staff, at your convenience. It's quick, simple, and free! Workshops available to WSSU students right now include:

  • Effective Study Habits
  • Note-Taking Skills
  • Procrastination and Time Management
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Being Your Best You
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Electronic Communications Etiquette
  • Dealing with Stress and Emotions
  • GRE Test Prep
  • Improving Your Grammar
  • Making Money Now
  • Reading for Life: Understanding Contracts
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Money Management, parts I and II